LOOGU 210D Fire Retardant Standard Camo Netting

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- Material: Durable 210D polyester oxford camouflage net quiet with no reflection or chemical smell.

- Design: Camouflage net with back netting and edge banding can make the net more durable. We have 3 colors 8 sizes you can choose green-brown, khaki, white. Size: 10 x 13ft

- Special Feather: Special flame-retardant coating. When the net catches fire, it can effectively prevent the spread of fire. When you realize white smoke and odor, you can be reminded of fire in time. Note: Netting and rope are no flame-retardant.

- Great Uses: Garden Screening, Events & Parties, Home Decoration, Kids Bedrooms, Military activities, decoration, hunting, paintball, duck geese waterfowl bird hunting blind cover hunting boat.

- We Can Promise: Strive to provide the best customer service, so we offer 90 days satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our customer service staff will reply to you within 24 hours.

  1. 210D oxford polyester.
  2. This camo netting surface coating is flame retardant, can stop the spread of fire.
  3. We have 8 fixed sizes to choose from -- 6.5 x 10ft, 6.5 x 26ft, 10 x 10ft, 10 x 13ft, 10 x 16.5ft, 13 x 16.5ft, 16.5 x 20ft, 20 x 20ft.

  • Engineering cover use, factory housing guard stars shooting

  • Outdoor camouflage, outdoor hidden concealment

  • Wild expansion of the real scene CS camouflage

  • Shooting animals at close range, protected by a rope per meter, easy installation

  • Summer shade, to avoid direct sunlight, can be used as outdoor awning structures

  • Theme parks, theme bars, theme restaurants, and other decoration use

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